Chris Pope


Husband, father, brother, son, friend.
Photographer, papercut artist, singer, songwriter, musician, poet.
Mountain biker, climber, runner.
Explorer, adventurer, sojourner.


Creativity rarely fits inside the box so why try and squeeze the results you really want into a package that might be convenient for someone else but not you?

This is why I offer a truly personalised service, ensuring that my photographs capture your moments, make your memories and that bring a smile to the face of each of my clients every time they look at the finished product.

To this end I am 100% committed to the following:-

  • Respecting the individuality of you and your requirements
  • Taking the time to listen to and fully understand these requirements
  • Where required, collaborating with you to develop, enhance or fine-tune these requirements
  • Delivering results that meet or exceed expectations
  • Providing genuine value for money

“It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter”



There are many photographers to choose from – make sure you choose to work with one that you click with. Why not get in touch and let’s see what we can achieve together?

Tucked away in a timeless country idyll yet only an hour from central London, I am privileged to enjoy the beauty of the natural world on a daily basis.